Alternative Search Methods


Generic word search in applications makes it super hard to find something you vaguely remember. Depicted below are 4 different types of searches that a user could use to find content that seem hard to find.

Live Design Operations


Designing involves a lot of exploring and comparing. Having a quick live preview of design operations as depicted below would allow the designer to explore and compare variants easily without alot of tiring undos and redos in their process.

It took me more than 30 takes to get to a decent recording of this interaction!
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Quick Stash


Imagine if you had a quick access temporary store on your mobile to save and retrieve images, website URLs, and other stuff without filling up your gallery/storage.

Visual Feedback for Copying


I have seen both myself and other people hit shortcuts repeatedly for reassurance whenever it lacked proper feedback. Here we imagine how copying would look if it had visual feedback.

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